Michael Vayvada

Michael J Vayvada

Hi, it's me Michael "Vay" Vayvada. I've been in the area since 1985 working as a Graphic Artist. I'm married to my lovely wife, Emily Landes Vayvada, and we live in Downtown Staunton on Alleghany Avenue.

I'm a graduate of the University of Virginia where I took a BA in history and a minor in Studio Art. I often act on stage at Oak Grove Theater or Mary Baldwin College, and you may have seen me there.

I'm a great lover of aviation history (thanks to Charles Schultz and Snoopy) and have a huge aviation library at my house. That's where the "Ace" comes from in Ace Communication Arts.





Ace Communication Arts (owned and operated by Michael J Vayvada a.k.a. "Vay" ) offers graphic design, web development, and old-school print & logo design. Please look over the design samples on the linked pages and see for yourself. I've been doing graphic design work for over 20 years.

On this website, you can find out more, see some of my design work and get in touch if you need a new website design, corporate logo or print design.

If you believe usable, simple and functional design will work for you, email or call me.





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